PQRS ReportingQualified Clinical Data Registry Reporting
September 25, 2014

How to Integrate Strategic Quality Initiatives with PQRS Reporting: The QCDR Opportunity

For 2014 and beyond, CMS has created a new mechanism for PQRS reporting—the Qualified Clinical Data Registry. QCDR reporting requirements are the same as for a traditional Registry utilizing individual measures: A provider must report on at least nine measures. These measures must represent at least three National Quality and Strategy (NQS) Domains. Each of the nine measures must be completed for at least 50 percent of eligible patients or cases. However, a QCDR has features that can bring more to PQRS performance and reporting. QCDRs are designed to foster improvement in the quality of care provided to patients.  A…
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PQRS Reporting
September 15, 2014

Still Not Sure of Your PQRS 2014 Strategy? Delays Will Cost You

If your organization is just beginning to think about PQRS reporting for 2014, beware. End-of-year data collection is no longer enough to meet PQRS requirements. That’s because PQRS is no longer a quality “reporting” program; it’s now all about performance. In fact, waiting to determine your 2014 PQRS strategy until the last minute is actually very risky and could jeopardize both performance and future revenue. Although reporting through a qualified Registry extends your deadline (for 2014, CMS will not close its portal until March 31, 2015), the new Value-Based Payment Modifier (VBPM) requires more lead time to demonstrate good results.…
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