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July 28, 2015

Are Your Specialists and ACO Ready for the Referral Revolution? Part 1

The practice of physician-determined referrals to specialists is deeply embedded in the culture of medicine. But it no longer works under Value-Based Health Care. A revolution in referrals is underway, one that will dramatically change physician alignment and engagement in ACOs and other Pay for Performance models. Outcome measures can distinguish the performance of one specialist versus another—and this performance data is available to both health systems and physicians. We all know that pure comparative performance data has a lot of flaws. But Medicare is publishing provider-specific performance for PQRS and group performance for ACOs, and calculating comparative scores under the…
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Registry ScienceResearch
July 21, 2015

Are You Measuring Effectiveness of Your ACO’s Population Health Interventions?

It’s time to reboot your method of deploying population health initiatives, if you really want a return from your ACO efforts. Despite the intense focus on data and analytics in health care, most start-up ACOs adopt identical population health initiatives, such as intensive case management for high cost patients. The choice is not made because of proven outcomes and lowered costs from these initiatives, but because everyone else is doing the same thing. It’s ironic that we adopt evidence-based performance measures, but rely on anecdotal results in population health. With a research-capable Registry and reliable data, we can be smarter…
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July 14, 2015

Will Medicare’s Published Physician Quality Data Push Your Patients Away?

CMS isn’t the only group scrutinizing your quality and cost data any more. As the next step toward value-based health care, Medicare has begun publishing provider performance data for PQRS under “Physician Compare.” Now patients and their families can make their own data-driven choices about health care providers with an online search. The website is a game-changer. Performance variation between providers is startling. There are 50 provider groups with performance at or lower than 65 percent for at least one published measure. By contrast, a handful of groups show all four measures over 95 percent. The 2013 data are limited and do…
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ACO ReportingPQRS ReportingValue-Based Payment Modifier
July 7, 2015

Anesthesiologists’ Best Practices: How to Succeed with Medicare PQRS and VBPM

Anesthesiologists across the country are coping with a unique PQRS challenge. Different procedures and settings may mean that some practices do not have the requisite number of measures to meet requirements. Other groups will have enough measures, but the choices may not be obvious. When you have up to 6 percent of your Medicare Part B revenues at risk, you cannot afford to take that chance. Read on to learn how to make the best reporting decisions for your anesthesiology group and avoid Medicare penalties. Like Orthopedists, your specialty focus inherently limits your relevant PQRS measures—except that for Anesthesia, the options are…
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