Alternative Payment Models (APM)Future of Health CareMACRAMerit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)Performance ImprovementQualified Clinical Data Registry ReportingValue-Based Health Care
September 27, 2016

Boost Your MIPS Score with Care Coordination CPIAs—Your Patients Will Thank You

The reaction to MACRA Pick Your Pace speaks volumes about the state of preparedness for the upcoming Quality Payment Program (QPP). Some see Pick Your Pace as a reprieve, others see it as a parachute, and a select few see it as a way to get a head start on their peers. There’s a danger to being in the first two camps. Neither fully recognizes that CMS will differentiate practices on Resource Use. As a result, they have no impetus to implement Clinical Practice Improvement Activities (CPIAs) focusing on Care Coordination; but this is an area that will impact each…
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Alternative Payment Models (APM)MACRAPerformance ImprovementValue-Based Health Care
September 20, 2016

MACRA APM Risk: 5 Keys for Redefining Performance Improvement

Whatever relief providers felt after the recent CMS MACRA Pick Your Pace announcement, don’t be fooled. CMS has not, it seems, backed off its goals of pushing providers toward Risk, nor the interim and final quotas for participation. To the contrary—the announcement pointedly suggested that providers consider joining a risk-based Alternative Payment Model (APM) in 2017. But here’s the bigger issue: most existing ACOs have failed to meet cost targets, and the risk of losses for risk-based APMs will fall back on the participating providers. MACRA Pick your Pace should not be a time of rest. You should run, not…
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Future of Health CareMACRAMeaningful UsePerformance ImprovementPQRS ReportingQualified Clinical Data Registry ReportingValue ModifierValue-Based Health Care
September 13, 2016

CMS Okays MACRA Flexibility: Standstill or Startup for Providers?

With the CMS announcement last week that the final MACRA Rules will let providers pick and choose activities—or even delay requirements—2017 implementation is now a toss-up. Will providers double down on efforts to meet the MACRA standards in 2018? Or, will eased deadline pressure reverse momentum within health care systems? There are many valid reasons why the lead-time decision is important. MACRA represents one of the biggest overhauls of the Medicare reimbursement program, and many of the elements have not been fleshed out. Releasing final rules one month in advance of their going into effect surely makes it difficult for…
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Alternative Payment Models (APM)MACRAMerit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)Performance ImprovementQualified Clinical Data Registry ReportingValue-Based Health Care
September 7, 2016

Back to School: Your Post-MACRA Study Guide for QPP Success

Back to school. That phrase prompts memories of making new friends (and catching up with old friends); carts full of notebooks, binders and pens; new classes; and, of course, abject terror. As the summer sun sets on PQRS, the Value Modifier (VM) and Meaningful Use (MU), it’s time for all of us to get into back-to-school mode, take the lessons we’ve learned and build on them for future success. Unfortunately, however, there’s an added challenge. Rather than having a season off to rest, regroup and ease into the new fall schedule, the transition from old programs to new is immediate…
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