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ICLOPS is Changing Its Name to Roji Health Intelligence

By December 13, 2016 No Comments

img_4073We all know that health care is at a crossroads. Regardless of any new directions that national policy will take, providers will be under even greater pressure to reduce costs. We expect that providers will be under financial risk, and patients will bear more costs.

What remains constant is the need for guidance and data to navigate a successful path to better health. ICLOPS is reinforcing its commitment to help providers to succeed on this path, through its strategic consultation and technology. To reflect what lies ahead, ICLOPS is also changing its name on January 1, 2017, to Roji Health Intelligence.

We think a name is important. “ICLOPS” does not express who we are. That is why we are making this change.

In a Japanese garden, the Roji (RO-gee) is a structured path to the teahouse—a place of health, physical and spiritual nourishment. Natural and man-made guideposts along the Roji help walkers navigate to their destination.

Roji Health Intelligence guides health care systems, providers and patients through a collaborative process of improving outcomes and lowering costs.

Intelligent health care depends on trusted data, rigorous analysis and a positive process for improving patient health. Providers and patients, alike, need meaningful information about health care cost and quality to make good decisions on the way to healing. Roji Health Intelligence is dedicated to creating forward-thinking, technology-based solutions and a structured, collaborative process to help you achieve that goal.

This is a name change only. The company, management, technology and solutions remain the same. The ICLOPS website and client portal will go through a transition over time, with the new website, www.rojihealthintel.com, to go live on January 1, 2017.

You can continue to expect excellence in our solutions, consulting services and customer support, as well as our commitment to integrity—the foundation of our company since its founding in 2002. We look forward to serving as the guide on this challenging journey toward achieving better, lower-cost health care.


Founded as ICLOPS in 2002, Roji Health Intelligence guides health care systems, providers and patients on the path to better health through Solutions that help providers improve their value and succeed in Risk. Roji Health Intelligence is a CMS Qualified Clinical Data Registry.