Roji Health Intelligence Chart Your Course for New Phase in Health Care

With 2017 we are predicting some big changes in how the health care industry moves forward. Having worked with health care organizations for 15 years, we know that most of them are not ready. Roji Health Intelligence was not just a name change for ICLOPS, but a signal that we are ready to help.

Roji Health Intelligence Website Signals Evolution of Services

Our new website is up and ready. It is light-filled and inviting, for a good reason. We believe the path to change can be collaborative yet still focused on results and real data. We refute contentious and negative approaches to measuring health care performance, because they do not lead to improvement. Strength comes from building a common vision for change and executing it through hands-on processes. We help health care organizations succeed through that process.

Two Platforms for MACRA: All 4 Areas Covered by Roji Clinical Data Registry

You will also notice big changes in our Medicare Services. With the advent of Medicare Quality Payment Programs (QPPs) defined by MACRA final rules, the groundwork is now laid for a universal program that measures quality and cost for all patients and all services. That is a very good thing. Roji Health Intelligence is a Clinical Data Registry (CDR) that is Qualified by Medicare (QCDR) to perform higher level functions related to this purpose—measuring outcomes over time, improving performance, and acting as an auditor and reporter for quality and improvement activities.

Roji Health Intelligence will help organizations achieve the higher bar in MACRA and get on the path to Risk through our CDR Platform and its Solutions. While we continue our Registry Reporting options for organizations to achieve basic reporting and attestation, we hope that you will prepare yourselves for Risk by using the full range of Roji Practice Transformation and Performance Improvement that are enabled by the CDR.

Top Positioning for Health Plan Contracts Through Roji Health Intelligence Solutions

ICLOPS was originally founded to help health care organizations and their disparate physician groups contract as a single entity with health plans through a Clinical Integration process. When CMS began to lead changes in the industry by fostering ACOs and Value-Based Health Care, ICLOPS created a major line of business in Medicare.

We think it is likely that CMS policies will move toward Risk in the next few years, as planned, but probably with less policy development and regulations. Let’s be honest: providers have performed many of the Medicare functions because they had to comply with regulations, and less for the clinical value. We see that trend shifting as Risk emerges as the financial payment model, and as commercial health plans take Medicare’s place in the spotlight for change.

The new environment can be exciting and innovative. We respect the enormous amount of policy development that came out of Washington, but because it was regulatory, it created both positive and negative effects. It pushed the agenda forward, but the gains were uneven. This is an unsurprising response from providers who have never like being told what to do!

Get Ready, Get Set, Go for Risk

Past ACO models did not require Risk to be passed on to participants, and so no one really understood that the incentives should be different. Not so with the post-MACRA world—and certainly not so for the likely reemergence of Medicare Advantage as the key conduit to budget control of Medicare.

Providers planned their ACO around ideas of market share instead of efficiency, with the idea being to create a large net to capture patients. That won’t work for Risk, because the ACO landscape includes specialists and high cost services, providers regardless of their practice patterns, and patients regardless of their risk factors and ways of getting care.

Network development in the future will require more analysis, more discussion with providers, and much stronger collaboration for the entire network to move forward together. That takes data, analysis and grass roots changes in practices. Roji Health Intelligence Solutions guide that entire path from start to finish.

Join the Positive Path to Better Health

Visit our website,, and find a more positive way to improve your performance in the future.

Founded as ICLOPS in 2002, Roji Health Intelligence guides health care systems, providers and patients on the path to better health through Solutions that help providers improve their value and succeed in Risk. Roji Health Intelligence is a CMS Qualified Clinical Data Registry.

Image Credit: Sarah Crutchfield