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Redesigning Health Care for the New Consumer

By September 27, 2017 No Comments

A consumer-driven culture shift is emerging in health care that will change the dynamics of health care purchasing decisions and impact providers’ bottom line.

It is being fueled by policies that are increasing the share of health care expenses paid by consumers. Benefit plans with higher deductibles and copayments, choices narrowed to providers who demonstrate lower cost, restriction of medical services, and higher percentages of premium sharing are just some of the tactics used to control and redistribute costs from health care payers to consumers.

Much of the discussion focuses on the need for consumers to be “better purchasers” of health care. They need to make wiser choices about lifestyle and health care, and be more engaged in their treatment. All of this makes sense.

This shift also raises a major challenge: Can we provide consumers with the tools they need to make these smarter decisions? Do they have that information now, and, if not, how can we fairly put them in the driver’s seat? Are physicians and other health care providers really ready to respond to consumers’ needs to direct health care spending—and if so, how?

Health care systems have a lot to worry about if they don’t help consumers and share responsibility for good health care decision-making. Failure could result in increased bad debt or, worse, financial loss.

Roji Health Intelligence experts give you the intel on how to prepare for the challenges ahead in our new 65-page e-book, Redesigning Healthcare for the New Consumer.

  • Find out how consumers are impacted by Value-Based Health Care.
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