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The ACO Challenge: Your Essential Reading List to Prepare for Risk

By September 12, 2018 No Comments

The concept behind Accountable Care Organizations remains reasonable: Groups of health care providers take responsibility for total cost and quality of care for the patients and receive, in return, a portion of any savings they achieve.

But as CMS Administrator Seema Verma made clear in announcing the Proposed ACO Final Rule last month, “Medicare cannot afford to support programs with weak incentives that do not deliver value. ACOs can be an important component of a system that increases the quality of care while decreasing costs; however, most Medicare ACOs do not currently face any financial consequences when costs go up, and this has to change.”

We’ve been writing a lot about ACOs over the past year and following trends closely. There is no longer any doubt that in order to survive, ACOs will have to assume more risk.

To help you both to understand the issues involved and to develop effective strategies for your own organization, here is a collection of our best content on transitioning an ACO to risk for long-term success:

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How to Achieve ACO Cost Savings: Innovative Strategies for Performance Improvement April 2018

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