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How to Define Your Transition Strategy to APM Success

By December 7, 2022 No Comments

Health care systems that have struggled to survive pandemic pressures won’t get a reprieve from competition any time soon. Since Covid shook the world, private investors in health care delivery have emerged as the most potent force driving change in delivering Value-Based Care. Equity-backed medical groups, ACO enablers with venture capital funding, and corporate health care have built their future around Alternative Payment Models (APMs) with population-based payments, which create a predictable revenue stream for their operations and investors, while drawing physicians and patients away from legacy systems.

In this November 21, 2022 interview on Race to Value with Dr. Eric Weaver and Daniel Chipping, ROJI CEO Terry Hush discusses what’s at stake for legacy health care systems, why adopting APMs is essential to their survival, and how this turning point can actually benefit both patients and providers.

Listen to the podcast here.

For a comprehensive strategy for transitioning to APMs, download our free eBook, Smart Guide for APM Success, here.

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