Build a Top Value Network

Many Health Systems have already invested in the tools to measure outcomes and improve their performance on cost and quality. They feel the urgency of creating a high-performing, broad network of physicians and services to appeal to health care purchasers.

That’s a good thing, because those purchasers—Medicare, Medicaid, health plans, and employers—are all eager to steer patients to high-performing, narrow networks.

Roji Health Intelligence Solutions are honed by years of experience working with diverse provider groups, disparate information systems and variable levels of provider engagement. In fact, we formed the company in 2002 to respond to the growing consolidation of providers trying to achieve better arrangements with health plans, based on quality and efficiency. Our earliest clients were networks that needed to aggregate data, measure quality and pursue clinical integration.

Roji Health Intelligence Solutions, backed by our team of industry experts, enable your providers to build a High-Performing Value Network, using these steps:

Bringing Diverse Providers Together Requires Both Involvement and Technology

Some organizations believe that simply introducing quality metrics is enough to get everyone under the Network tent. We disagree. The most effective strategy starts at the grass roots, building physician trust and collaboration, and giving physicians the tools to trust data through learning.

But you need a strong foundation for the discussion with physicians. That requires technology to phase in the collection of data from private and salaried physicians, measure performance and improvement, and give physicians the ability to interact with key metrics of quality and cost. The Roji Registry is the key to collaboration, designed both to provide results and also to facilitate physician discussion and feedback.

Roji Health Intelligence helps you build an iterative, economical strategy that will lead to a High-Performing Network. We help you to use your resources wisely and to rapidly build strength:

  • Build a core patient-centric database from separate data sources, including demographic and claims data in physician systems, hospital discharges and quality databases, clinical values from EMRs, and laboratory or pharmacy data. You can aggregate that data economically using Roji Health Intelligence, stemming from clinical projects and overarching quality goals.
  • Establish cost projects using readily available cost analysis and of data from payers and Medicare, which is organized by Roji Registry through our Solutions to lower cost.
  • Create an outcome measurement system aligned to health plan needs, incorporating risk adjustment and provider feedback capacity to distinguish measurement issues and build trust in the data.
  • Engage your providers in collaborative progress through our Roji Practice Transformation curriculum, fostering change through data analytics and outcomes improvement projects.
  • Distribute analytics electronically to physicians, with bite-sized, meaningful data.
  • Meet multiple health plan initiatives and incentives in Roji Registry’s dashboard that separately track separate measures and results.
  • Manage multiple improvement activities through Roji Performance Improvement.
  • Develop reports for health plans and employers to show your patient results.

Take the first step to build your path to success.

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