Earn Value-Based Health Care Incentives for MACRA MIPS and Health Plans

Value-Based Health Care, with its rewards and penalties, is your practice ground for Risk.

Since the earliest days of Medicare quality reporting, Roji Health Intelligence (formerly ICLOPS) has helped clients to earn incentives and avoid penalties through excellent PQRS Quality Measurement and Reporting, and our Value Modifier optimization consultations. With our guidance, providers have successfully “tiered up” in the higher quality-lower cost spectrum.

Medicare quality and cost programs will continue and become tougher under new Medicare MACRA legislation and Rules, which replace former PQRS and Value Modifier programs. Medicare’s Merit Incentive Payment System (MIPS) is complex, and MIPS scoring success in four components will be tough to meet. MIPS incentives or penalties are larger and will affect revenues. Poor publicized scores can erode confidence in the provider.

To avoid these pitfalls, you need an experienced guide. Roji Health Intelligence has an unparalleled track record for helping to improve our clients’ positioning for CMS quality and cost scoring and other Value-Based Health Care programs. We set your path to success with our proven Solutions:

Learn more MACRA MIPS components and scoring in the Roji Health Intelligence e-Book and blogs.

Get the Added Advantage of a Qualified Clinical Data Registry

Roji Health Intelligence has been a QCDR since 2014, the first year that designation was initiated, and is also a qualified Registry for CMS quality reporting of all measures and all specialties.

MIPS Quality Reporting will include all patients, not just Medicare beneficiaries. This creates an all-inclusive quality measurement that can be apply to any commercial health plan as well as Medicare, affecting all provider revenues. Universality of scoring may eliminate conflicts in publicized provider rankings, but it also will increase the pressure on providers to do well.

Roji Health Intelligence brings providers the distinct benefits of a QCDR, an advanced Registry technology authorized by Medicare. QCDR-developed measures can assist providers in generating better performance on cost and quality.

Together with Registry Reporting advantages that allow providers more latitude to correct results before reporting measures and to have more options for best measure selection, Roji Health Intelligence QCDR puts the provider system on a better path to better data and improved public scores. In contrast to the “catch-all” direct reporting from Electronic Health Records, the Roji Registry both audits and helps improve results prior to reporting.

Optimize Quality and Cost Positioning under MACRA and Health Plans

  • Take advantage of expert MIPS guidance, including measure selection and data problem solving.
  • Review quality measures for all patients, Medicare and other health plans in a single dashboard, and complete reporting for Medicare and other payers.
  • Benchmark performance within your group and against other providers, and risk adjust your results.
  • Report MACRA quality through any of the CMS reporting methods— Group Reporting Option (GPRO), QCDR, Individual Provider Measures—for any specialty.
  • Compare cost performance among practices and identify issues for improvement.

Achieve and Attest to Performance Improvement

  • Use Roji Registry to meet MACRA attestation for performance improvement.
  • Conduct and manage multiple performance improvement activities through Roji Performance Improvement, determining effectiveness, or
  • Use the Registry Performance Improvement Activities to simply log and document activity for attestation.

Convert your EHR Investment into Better Positioning under Value-Based Health Care

  • Select measures based on your performance plus comparisons to others for better positioning in scoring, using Roji Health Intelligence recommendations and guidance.
  • Use Roji Health Intelligence to audit your success in meeting Quality, ensuring that your EHR coding is updated and optimizes accurate scoring.
  • Track your performance online, all the time—avoid quality scores you can’t affect during the year.

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