Develop and Succeed in Risk Arrangements and APMs or ACOs

Ambitious and confident providers are keen to establish their own ACOs or Alternative Payment Models (APMs). They understand that these models have a future and want to get to work. Here’s the problem: many are more eager than ready. Most ACOs have not met savings targets. Under MACRA APMs, Risk means real dollar losses for physician participants with cost overruns.

Roji Health Intelligence has the best tools to help you build your Risk program. We provide information and analysis that will lead to shared accountability among the participants for cost and quality outcomes. We also offer Strategic Consulting to help create the strongest participant network for you to succeed.

ACOs and APMs Need Customized Technology with a Cost-Quality Focus

An ACO or other APM requires dedicated technology that is focused on core functions. Roji Health Intelligence offers custom Roji Registry applications for ACOs and other APMs to monitor and address your unique patient accountability and cost functions.

Roji Health Intelligence Solutions for forming and participating in Risk models are your stepping stones for success under Risk:

A Sustainable Risk Program Also Has Distinct Steps to Success

All the challenges that go with developing a high-performing Value Network [link to previous goal] apply to an ACO. But an ACO or other APM has additional needs because the participants are at risk. Roji Health Intelligence also provides these ACO-focused steps to help you address specific business concerns. Among them:

  • Develop a strong high-performing ACO or APM network. Starting and growing your ACO is a challenge when you need to project savings, but have no data on the historical quality and cost experience of providers you are recruiting. Roji Health Intelligence gives you the information you need to support the inclusion of key physicians in the program without risk to the ACO. Using group and historical Medicare data, Roji Health Intelligence helps you build a physician team with early knowledge of strengths and challenges.
  • Track quality performance throughout the year, not just at reporting time. You can complete ACO reporting using a CMS portal and a patient sample, but it won’t help you meet your overarching cost and quality goals. Roji Health Intelligence will customize its Roji Registry applications to give you full information on your Medicare-attributed patients and their gaps in care and outcomes. Operating under Risk means taking accountability for all patients and understanding their needs throughout the year.
  • Understand your ACO or APM costs and patients. Roji Health Intelligence provides the central command post for your ACO cost and quality. One of the most important needs is understanding out-of-network services. Roji Health Intelligence gives you an analysis of patient flow and helps you chart the path to those patients to determine what they need.

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