Roji Registry Applications Supporting Our Solutions

The Roji Registry is an integrated suite of Applications that visualize and interact with the data to meet different goals. As the technology platform for all data-driven Roji Health Intelligence Solutions, the Roji Registry fulfills the need to see both aggregate organizational results and patient-centered detail.

Four Core Pathways

Roji Registry Applications support Solutions across four core pathways: measuring quality and outcomes, cost control, performance improvement including population health, and benchmarking and external reporting. The Roji Registry enables provider data sharing and provider-specific communication.

  1. Quality Measurement is the robust Roji Registry Application to evaluate provider quality and outcomes through the use of specialty-based Measures. Roji Health Intelligence uses MACRA MIPS and APM, HEDIS, Health Plan, and custom Roji health Intelligence QCDR measures to evaluate health status and services according to standards. Quality Measurement supports our Solution to Measure Outcomes, and services to report quality to Medicare and health plans.
  2. Cost Control tracks costs generated by attributed patients, as well as costs generated by client providers. Data is shown across time, so you can see progress toward targets as well as costs in episodes of care, and how they compare with other providers. Cost Control supports our Solutions to Lower Costs.
  3. Performance Improvement includes population health project management, collaborative projects for providers to review results through shared pre-populated patient registries, practice transformation projects, and intervention tracking of population-associated outcome sets. This application supports both our Solutions to Transform Health Care Practice and Improve Performance.
  4. Specialized Registry is a powerful Application for benchmarking results, public health reporting, and meeting measures under MACRA.

Administrative and Reporting Applications

Included with Roji Health Intelligence Solutions are three administrative and reporting Applications that add robustness to all Solutions:

  1. Roji Insight CRM—Manages the ongoing Roji Health Intelligence-Client implementation and makes communication easy. This suite of Applications, provided for every client, includes the participation roster of providers and administrators who will have access to the system, technology ticketing, data status, secure messaging and administrative controls.
  2. Roji Secure Messaging—Safely communicates protected information between providers or administrators, and also between the Roji Client Team and client staff or providers.
  3. Roji Health Intelligence Analytics—Identifies performance or population characteristics when patient detail is not needed. While many of the other Applications include graphical displays, we include this separate organizational Analytics navigation for each Roji Health Intelligence client to provide a powerful data overview.

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