Aggregate and Visualize Data

Data provides the substratum for achieving and attaining better health. Why? Because health is rooted in science, and achieving health comes from knowledge of the individual patient’s attributes along with scientific knowledge. Clinicians must be able to see and understand how their care achieves results—or not—for patients. They must also be able to trust the data through processes of validation and interaction.

Roji Health Intelligence helps providers create the Trusted Data they need to visualize and assess the value they provide to their patients, along with the cost of care. Because resources are limited, the path to health must optimize services while achieving the best outcomes. Our job is to collect and organize the data into a strong base for knowledge and improvement:

  • Securely collect clinical, utilization and cost data from available sources and systems;
  • Create a patient-centric database for measuring and improving health and care costs;
  • Identify how patients use your services and network, or go elsewhere;
  • Quantify patient services, outcomes and costs among your providers;
  • Develop additional data to help your value strategy;
  • Help physicians turn data into Trusted Data, by enabling feedback and interaction.

Roji Health Intelligence helps you move from simplistic to intelligent data with our economical Data Aggregation solution:

  • Tie data value to your tactics for measuring and improving health, and avoid the costs of collecting low-value data;
  • Integrate data from lesser-used but valuable resources to enhance data value;
  • Use Roji Registry validation tools to audit data for reliability.

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