Improve Performance

Your first concern may be closing the gaps in care, reaching out to patients who haven’t been seen. Roji Population Health, powered by a distinct Roji Registry suite, identifies patients by criteria for communication and follow-up.

But closing gaps won’t be enough to elevate you to the premier health plan networks. Nor will it be enough for your ACO to distribute savings to participants. To substantively improve performance, you must implement many projects that tackle distinct cost and quality issues.

That’s the sphere of Roji Performance Improvement—a dedicated Roji Registry Application that simplifies a complex agenda to improve performance and reach your goals.

Along the way, you can visualize your progress in meeting your goals. The Roji Registry captures the data you need to identify and validate patients, implement changes and measure results. Multi-task and delegate performance improvement projects, while tracking metrics and effectiveness with an integrated dashboard.

Roji Health Intelligence builds consultation into Roji Performance Improvement. We work with you to develop measurable efforts, test or pilot them for further tweaking, and then roll them out to your clinical and administrative operations. We even help you develop projects as innovative experiments to determine their effectiveness compared to others.

Build the Capacity to Improve Performance on a Large Scale

  • Implement organized and scalable population health initiatives. Roji Performance Improvement contains a central inventory of your programs and results, from outreach for screenings to improving diabetic patient outcomes.
  • Prioritize your initiatives to highest risk and highest cost patients, building on Roji Registry capacity to create registries based on patient condition, utilization and cost.
  • Expand on initiatives started in Practice Transformation.
  • Determine how effective your interventions are, and under what circumstances, before spending resources on a full-scale implementation.

Navigate to Better Health.

  • Make performance improvement easier with Roji Performance Improvement.
  • Develop projects that support the areas of excellence in your organization with ability to define your own Registry populations, projects and interventions.
  • Collaborate with health plans and providers, customizing projects in the Registry.

Take the first step to build your path to success.

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