Lower Costs

Lowering costs will not be easy. The financial incentives under Fee for Service are upended under Risk. It’s critical that your organization be prepared for an about-turn.

Roji Health Intelligence has the Solutions that will help you make that transition at the right time and succeed in Risk arrangements.

It will not be enough to simply manage readmissions or other components of your cost. Roji Health Intelligence will help you monitor total cost per patient across all care settings, including services outside your network, and identify the contributing factors from within. Then we help you implement tactics to improve efficiency and cost.

Your cost profile compared to other health providers is central to your ability to maintain and grow business under Risk. Being a standout on cost is not good. You need a pragmatic, ongoing solution to seeing and fixing your cost problems, whether your goal is participation in premier provider networks for commercial coverage, or incentives rather than penalties under Medicare. And, you will need your providers to be on board.

Roji Health Intelligence gives you a Roji Registry Solution that cultivates provider accountability and support without blame. We believe that successful cost control can only be achieved with physician involvement and leadership, so our services include a curriculum for educated involvement in performance improvement.

Involve Physicians in a Curriculum for Better Performance

  • Gain access to cost results for your providers participating with you in network initiatives.
  • Optimize your results under MACRA MIPS.
  • Prepare your Alternative Payment Model with full information on costs.
  • Add cost measures to your performance measurement through the Roji Registry.
  • See episode-based care costs with comparisons against other groups.
  • Identify costs associated with outflow from your network and patients needing primary physicians.

Move to the High Quality/Low Cost Quadrant in Health Care

  • Keep the focus on costs as well as quality through online Registry analytics, visible to clinicians.
  • Enroll providers in a curriculum of education and performance improvement based on cost and quality.
  • Use Roji Registry tools to test the results of cost reduction initiatives.
  • Develop a Total Cost strategy to create your network and modify your care design.

Take the first step to build your path to success.

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