Measure Outcomes

Higher quality with lower costs will define health care Value in the foreseeable future. Health care providers who measure Value distinguish themselves to purchasers. Sophisticated patients will be motivated financially to make decisions based on excellence and cost effectiveness. They are already demanding transparency in measurement.

Providers can’t afford to consider measuring quality and cost as a “check the box” activity. But the overemphasis on quality reporting and scoring have created an uninspiring substitute for thoughtful measurement. We challenge that approach.

Roji Health Intelligence makes measuring quality and cost outcomes a meaningful step on the way to better health.

We know that measuring quality is not a perfect science, and that data is always flawed. That’s why Roji Health Intelligence ensures that we help you tell the right story. We work with providers to investigate results, even correcting outdated codes from EMRs.

Measure Results with the Roji Qualified Clinical Data Registry for All Specialties

  • Adopt quality and cost measures from the extensive Roji Health Intelligence library, including all measures from national measure developers and supporting all specialties.
  • See progress in meeting performance through the online Registry.
  • Give providers online access to see their results and help them validate their data.
  • Customize your performance measurement to go beyond reporting, and benchmark your excellence.

Build Performance Starting with the Best Measurement

  • Use Roji QCDR to benchmark and risk adjust your performance.
  • Make your measurements part of an inquiry process, by including provider feedback measures.
  • Successfully report to MACRA MIPS with group or individual reporting for all specialties and all MIPS Measures.
  • Use Measurement to jump-start the next essential step, Improvement.

Take the first step to build your path to success.

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