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Roji Health Intelligence customizes technology and services to meet your organization’s goals. We craft a package of Solutions using the Roji Registry Platform, tailored to your size, structure and data sources, that will help you achieve those goals. We also provide volume-based pricing for large organizations, as well as phase-in Solutions for long-term engagements.

Two Levels of Roji Health Intelligence Solutions

All of our data-driven Solutions are built on our Roji Registry Platform. You may select from two levels of technology power and scope:

The Roji Health Intelligence Clinical Data Registry (CDR)

Our most advanced Roji Registry Platform, powering Solutions for providers committed to a path to excellence and Risk readiness. The CDR is Qualified by Medicare for its Value-Based Health Programs (QCDR).

The Roji Health Intelligence Registry

Our economical solution to meeting basic MACRA MIPS requirements, while providing the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art reporting capability. The Roji Health Intelligence Registry supports measurement and reporting for all specialties and all available measures, whether you report individually or as a group. We aggregate your data to identify eligible patients for measures and populate measure information, without additional work from you.

How to Reach Your Goals with Roji Health Intelligence Custom Solutions


Meet Basic MACRA MIPS or Other Health Plan Quality Reporting

Rest assured that your organization will meet all of the complex quality reporting requirements under MACRA MIPS or for a third party Health Plan with this basic package.

Earn Incentives Under MACRA MIPS and Other Value Plans

You can use MIPS as your training ground for success under Risk. By activating more Roji Health Intelligence Solutions and the advanced Roji Registry Platform, you position your organization to go beyond compliance with minimum requirements. You will have the information to move the organization into an incentive position. Strengthen your programs to improve quality and cost performance through Roji Health Intelligence, and you will meet the higher scores you need for an incentive.

Build a Value Network for Health Plan and Employer Contracting

You can remain primarily in the Fee for Service World but still make your network a must-have. We help you build your strength over time, in line with your market strategy and your internal capabilities. Roji Health Intelligence will work with you to develop a data aggregation plan that economically gathers essential data from providers, in alignment with your clinical areas of excellence and your performance strategy.

For building a Value Network, our Solutions package always includes aggregation of data, measuring outcomes and performance improvement projects. But you may wish to concentrate on Roji Practice Transformation as your priority for improving outcomes, and not yet take advantage of multiple risk registries or other components of Roji Performance Improvement. We will custom-build your Solutions and phase them in, unlocking additional Registry modules as you are ready.

Develop an ACO or Other APM

Developing your own APM requires an infrastructure with higher level financial and management functionalities to take on full cost accountability for a patient population. Implementation of Roji Health Solutions will be faster paced to avoid potential losses.

You have other financial partners that supply some needed APM services. That is why we customize analytics and registries for each APM. Core Roji APM Solutions aggregate data from your provider source systems and claims, and view quality and outcomes across your providers. From there you can choose some or all Solutions to build cost and risk registries, engage providers in a performance improvement collaborative and curriculum, or pursue broad-based improvement activities.

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