Transform Health Care Practice

Health care transformation cannot work as a top-down initiative. Physicians and other clinicians communicate and heal patients, and advance them toward better health.

Roji Health Intelligence helps organizations harness the desire of physicians to do well by their patients and create the infrastructure for improvement. We do this with data, but also much more, helping physicians make a transition to better quality and cost outcomes in a positive environment.

Roji Practice Transformation is a Registry-plus-consultation portfolio of services that is customized to an organization’s size and breadth of specialties, goals and known issues. Our objective is to better support providers in delivering patient-centric care and create capacity to operate under Risk.

With the Roji Registry as the information center for dialogue, discussion and experimentation, Roji Health Intelligence assists health care providers to create the means for physician partnership in performance improvement.

Create the Mechanism for Physician Collaboration to Improve Your Standing

  • Establish a curriculum for exploring patient outcomes through a guided process.
  • Let physicians choose from a list of choices in the rotating curriculum, based on interest.
  • Populate small patient registries for physicians to share outcomes and interventions for unidentified patients.
  • Expand discussion of successful results to provider teams.
  • Experiment by gathering patient reported outcomes.
  • Elicit patient feedback and involvement in reviewing data.
  • Test the results of interventions in small provider teams, and compare results across teams.

Empower Providers to Rapidly Meet Goals

  • Grow a network of knowledgeable and accountable physicians for health plan contracts.
  • Establish a successful ACO that achieves savings targets due to history in resolving cost issues.
  • Create a Patient Centered Medical Home that will provide MACRA benefits and attract patients.
  • Achieve incentives for Performance Improvement under Medicare MIPS program.

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