Ultimate Guide to APP Reporting for ACOs

There’s a tectonic plate shift underway in ACO quality reporting. After several years of delays to appease ACOs requesting preparation time, CMS finalized new requirements. The 2023 CMS Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule stipulates that APMs must report through the Alternate Payment Model Performance Pathway (APP), beginning with performance year 2025. Significantly, the APP requires reporting on all patients, rather than a small subset of only Traditional Medicare patients. No longer will a sample of 248 Medicare patients be enough for your ACO to demonstrate the provision of high quality and equitable care to patients.

By requiring reporting on all patients, including non-Medicare, ACOs will need to aggregate data for their entire patient base. This requires technology not only for data aggregation, but also for quality performance measurement infrastructure. Many ACOs may not understand how to meet CMS measure specifications through an aggregated data process, nor have the technology in place to do it.

That’s why we’ve written this free 16-page eBook. In this guide, you’ll gain the knowledge base necessary to adopt APP reporting and discover best practices for your organization to achieve success. You’ll learn:

  • The mechanics of all-patient reporting and how to fulfill measure requirements for patients;
  • Obstacles to implementing APP and how to overcome them without delay;
  • Fundamentals of data aggregation for quality reporting, and where you can get needed expertise;
  • Pitfalls in data sufficiency that could lower your success under the APP, and how to fix them; and
  • Strategic use of quality reporting data in ACO improvement programs.

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