Supercharge Your ACO for Top Value: A New ACO Strategy Playbook

A lot has happened in health care since 2012, when final rules permitted provider-organized ACOs to be the driving force of Value-Based Care under the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA). To succeed in this challenging environment, ACOs need different tools going forward. Competition is intense, both from providers under new value-based payment models and from Medicare Advantage plans.

Why does succeeding against competitive models matter? Because ACOs represent the strongest option for providers to direct their future and the course of care for their patients. ACOs need to prove to their skeptics that they can achieve much greater savings and bolster the long-term survival  of the ACO model.

In this free, 44-page eBook, Roji CEO Theresa Hush takes a deep dive into how ACOs can move forward from the present and ensure their future as Value-Based Care models with demonstrable savings and better outcomes.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why ACOs Need a New Playbook
  • Can Coordination of Care Save Enough Money to Save ACOs?
  • Three Touchstones for ACO Viability
  • To Show Standout Performance, ACOs Must Rethink Quality
  • How ACOs Can Transform Clinical Care for Diabetes
  • 3 Approaches to Scale Up Data Sufficiency for Value-Based Care
  • Three Ultimate ACO Strategies to Keep Physician Practices Onboard
  • 3 Strategies to Tackle Hidden Costs of Specialty Care
  • Seven Keys to Expanding ACO Savings—and Market Share
  • How to Supercharge Your ACO

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    Supercharge Your ACO for Top Value was originally published on November 1, 2021, and was updated on September 7, 2022.