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April 26, 2017

Primary Care Physicians’ Ethical Dilemma: Meet Goals for Patients or Practice Owners?

Primary care physicians are on a collision course with health care consumers—their patients. While trying to deliver best clinical care, they must navigate a competitive business environment that encourages higher spending. The business of health care has undergone rapid consolidation in physician practice ownership. Spurred by the need to compete for patients, use EMR technology and manage within the heavily regulated health care industry, physicians have moved from smaller to larger group practices. Primary care physicians have made this transition faster than specialists by selling their practices, and are now more likely to be employed by a hospital. But this…
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Future of Health CareMACRAMerit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)Patient EmpowermentPerformance ImprovementValue-Based Health Care
April 20, 2017

Can Value-Based Health Care Help Consumers Choose Doctors? 
12 Questions to Ask

Do consumers and other health care purchasers have the ability to choose providers based on quality and cost? That’s the assumption beneath attempts by Medicare and health plans to reimburse providers based on their ability to deliver better quality while constraining costs. Value-Based Health Care also includes programs by commercial insurance to offer “narrow” provider networks that select physicians and hospitals by performance. Choosing value presumes that consumers and employers have the right knowledge and information to select providers who deliver the best clinical results at lower cost. The need to provide that information has fueled efforts over the past…
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Alternative Payment Models (APM)Future of Health CareMACRAMerit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)Patient Empowerment
April 12, 2017

Why MACRA MIPS Cost Episodes Make Good Products for Health Care Consumers

Here’s a radical idea: What if providers re-envisioned MIPS as a patient marketing initiative, not a regulatory response? Yes, I’m serious. From the beginning of PQRS and Meaningful Use to MACRA, health systems considered these efforts to be merely “compliance” with regulations and not market initiatives. But this view is shortsighted. As outlined in MACRA rules, all of the MIPS initiatives parallel changes that consumers, employers and health plans have been demanding: lower costs, quality, improvement and value. Analyzing the MIPS component of Cost provides a good way to evaluate how providers could use Medicare data to help remap their…
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MACRAMerit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)Qualified Clinical Data Registry Reporting
April 5, 2017

Do Centers of Excellence Lose Under New MACRA MIPS Episodic Cost Measures?

Health systems’ Centers of Excellence that attract patients through clinical prowess may be heading for an upset. Under the MACRA MIPS program now entering its first year, physicians will be scored for cost performance in some of the same clinical areas that they have promoted to distinguish their care—and compared against their peers. Since Centers of Excellence are likely to be higher cost in comparison with other providers, associated episodic cost measures may possibly be used to penalize their providers. The impact won’t be felt immediately, however; in 2017 the MIPS Cost component is scored but not calculated in the…
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