Alternative Payment Models (APM)Clinical Data RegistryMerit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)Qualified Clinical Data Registry ReportingValue-Based Health Care
June 28, 2017

10 Takeaways from the Proposed Rule for MIPS and APMs Year 2

We are already more than halfway through the initial year of Medicare’s new Quality Payment Program, which includes MIPS and APMs. Yet already we are seeing some changes from the new administration that will relax requirements for providers, eliminating the need for some to participate and making quality reporting, in particular, easier. Regardless of how Medicare plays these rules, top providers should maintain a strong strategic focus on Value-Based Health Care initiatives that emphasize performance improvement in cost and quality. Even as Medicare may step back from the leadership role it has taken in this arena, private insurance and employers…
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Future of Health CareMedical Decision-MakingPatient EmpowermentValue-Based Health Care
June 21, 2017

The Doctor Will See You Now, But Don’t Stay Long or Ask Too Much

Something has been happening with physician medical visits. Maybe I’m just noticing it because my doctor quit and I had to find a new one, which put me on a treadmill of repeat appointments—because, as my new physician told me, she was out of time for our visit. But here’s the rub: Apart from seasonal allergies, there is nothing wrong with me. I am, thankfully, extraordinarily healthy. I have no hypertension, diabetes, cardiac issues or auto-immune diseases. My lipids are normal and my weight hasn’t changed since I was 21. The only meds I take are for allergies. Yet so…
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Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)Qualified Clinical Data Registry ReportingValue-Based Health Care
June 14, 2017

Best Practice MIPS Quality Reporting: QCDR Group with Individual Accountability

The “transition” phase of the Merit-Based Payment System (MIPS) is half over, and so, too, is the time needed to prepare for the full rollout in 2018. Yet during the 2017 MIPS “transition” year, many providers are still trying to pigeonhole MACRA’s MIPS into the previous quality program, PQRS. That choice may have worked for simple quality reporting, but it doesn’t work for MACRA’s more comprehensive approach. Among other things, it overlooks a key decision—whether to base quality reporting on group practice or individual provider results. The problem is this: MIPS is not PQRS. It is a full-fledged Value-Based Health…
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Future of Health CareMedical Decision-MakingPatient EmpowermentResearch
June 7, 2017

Physician Comparisons Based on Performance Don’t Tell the Right Story

Medical decision-making requires a comparison. There is, most often, more than a single option for your care. New tests and treatments are constantly being added to the medical portfolio by scientific inquiry. The only way to advance care, in fact, is by comparing options. Comparing incites a difficult task, however: the compared option that is best for your disease-related outcome may be worse for your test- or treatment-related outcomes. For example, for men with early stage prostate cancer, surgery may reduce the chance of dying of prostate cancer from 8 to 6 percent over 10 years, but surgery increases, simultaneously,…
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