The Roji Health Intelligence Advantage

Years of turmoil in health care and continuing pressures of new reforms have exhausted providers as well as patients. Roji Health Intelligence believes in supporting providers to re-engage in the integrity of clinical practice.

Most companies provide tools for scoring and reporting scores for providers. But point-in-time measurement is too often misleading and simplistic, punishing providers rather than helping them succeed. At Roji Health Intelligence, measuring quality and cost is only a starting point for the journey to better health.

Real gains comes from access to better information that will improve health status and a rigorous process grounded in data and research that leads to that goal.

  • The Roji Registry is the engine for comprehensive health intelligence. Starting with traditional data for patient utilization, cost and demographics from health care ambulatory and facility systems, we integrate meaningful clinical information from electronic health records, health plans and other provider and patient-reported data sources. We customize the types of data we will collect to your organization’s specific needs and priorities.
  • Roji Health Intelligence provides Solutions that combine the Roji Registry engine with services that are structured to measure quality and cost, and to achieve better health status and lower expenses.
  • Our core services guide your health care organization through the transition from Fee for Service to managing the financial Risk and quality of patients you serve, and are holistically designed to engage your organization in a positive change process:
    • Quality and Outcomes Measurement System, including Reporting Services to private and governmental health plans (including Medicare MIPS, ACO and other reporting)
    • Cost Measurement and Calibration, with assisted development of networks and initiatives to succeed under specific Value-Based Purchasing initiatives and Risk arrangements
    • Outcomes Improvement
    • Specialized Registry Public Health Reporting
  • We collaborate with you to design the best path to fit your needs and culture.
  • Roji Registry technology is visual and intuitive, leading providers and organizational leaders to turn data into action and then to better results
  • Roji services are designed to promote a positive process of inquiry and development for providers, and to engage them in a discovery of how to get better patient results

Take the first step to build your path to success.

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