The Roji Health Intelligence Advantage

Roji Health Intelligence is distinguished not just by our data expertise and technology, but also by our thinking and strategic approach to health care improvement. Here’s the difference:

  • Others accept data as truth. At Roji Health Intelligence, we understand that data includes mistakes and gaps, and does not always convey true outcomes or accurate cost. That’s why we dig. When necessary, we work with clients to examine records and help fix mistakes in results, reprocess new data, or go back and search for data that was located elsewhere in source files.
  • Others create applications that are the same for everyone. We tailor applications to your needs. Our health system and practice clients are diverse by region, specialty, and strategic goals, so we create applications that will help each address Value via their specific goals. We customize Roji Episodes analytics for specialty physician groups and organizations, and we configure population health registries to fit your needs.
  • Others report quality measures like an EHR, simply reporting out measures from their system. We follow Medicare reporting requirements, but Roji Health Intelligence also works with ACOs, health systems, and practices to identify their best performing path for quality incentives, going above and beyond meeting minimum standards for quality. We suggest best measures and ensure that those measures get the full level of effort to gain an incentive. And because we have a larger volume of measures to report as a qualified registry, our clients have more opportunity to succeed. Separately, we develop customized measures for our clients’ internal quality initiatives, enabling them to track metrics that are meaningful for their population, but fall outside of a specified program.
  • Others offer technology but not guidance. We strive to identify issues our clients will face and prepare them. We always pair our technology with services that go beyond mere data points and help turn data into real solutions.
  • Others price by module, with everything else extra. We price by our platform. Once a Roji client, you have access to new applications without extra cost. When we created the Roji Episodes services for specialists, we provided the analytics to all existing clients with applicable specialties. We launched our COVID-19 High Risk Registry in population health in the end of March 2020 so that our clients could reach out to patients with co-morbidities. We have now released vaccine distribution registries to identify patients by CDC and state criteria. Our philosophy: your data should continue to work for you.

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