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  • Participate successfully in Risk payment models such as ACO Reach and other APMs, as well as reporting through an APP (APM Performance Pathway).
  • Participate in traditional MIPS, or begin your medical group’s transition to an MVP (MIPS Value Pathway).
  • Aggregate data across disparate network practices and data sources to create a foundation for actionable data and strategies.
  • Establish criteria-based populations to use in patient outreach, vaccine distribution, clinical studies, community alliances, and population health programs.
  • Reduce annual patient care costs and specialty network costs with Roji Episodes and Improvement initiatives.
  • Increase your financial incentives and flexibility with trusted Roji Quality services for registry reporting to Medicare and health plans.
  • Use Roji Improvement tools to better coordinate care, improve health equity and access, and conduct improvement initiatives for your custom, criteria-based populations.

Accomplish Your Goal with Roji Health Intelligence Solutions

Our Solutions come to life with data, analytics, and applications of the Roji Clinical Data Registry.

  • The Roji Clinical Data Registry is the engine for comprehensive health intelligence about your clinical operations and patients. We integrate data from multiple sources: provider systems, health plan and Medicare claims, patient reported values, and electronic health records. Then we tailor that data to focus on your organization’s goals. The Roji Clinical Data Registry has both group and patient-level views, creating the layered information required to formulate solutions at clinical, administrative, or system levels.
  • Roji Health Intelligence Solutions combine the Roji Clinical Data Registry engine with services to improve performance. Roji services are modular and stackable to suit your needs and budget. Roji technology is built to power action by organizations and clinicians, alike. Achieve accountability and value with these solutions:

Overview of Roji Health Intelligence Services

  • Roji Data Services aggregate and integrate different data sources. We provide feedback on the completeness and integrity of your data to support Value-Based Health Care initiatives and specialized care models. Roji works with you to streamline your data submissions, increase frequency of data to be more real-time, and upgrade data submission formats when your systems are ready.
  • Roji Quality services specialize in quality measurement and reporting. We illuminate performance across a variety of evidence-based quality measures, including MIPS, HEDIS, NQF and other customized outcome measures. Roji Quality Services include Medicare-qualified Registry Reporting to meet requirements for MIPS, ACO, Medicare specialty care and condition models, and health plan requirements, while maximizing incentives for good performance.
  • Roji Episodes are the essence of Value. Using both provider and claims data to create patient episodes of care for conditions, procedures, and treatment, Roji Episodes give you the tools to examine variation in costs and outcomes, and to determine what is driving cost and clinical performance. Actionable data is the basis for engaging providers in improvements and change. For ACOs, Roji Episodes generate opportunities for working with specialists to optimize specialty referral services.
  • Roji Improvements integrate and activate your own strategies to achieve better performance. Including both Roji pre-loaded risk registries and your defined population health and customized initiatives, Roji Improvements help you turn the insights gained through Roji Quality and Episodes analytics into projects for bettering your patients’ outcomes, access, and care affordability. We help you measure the results of your efforts in patient communication, clinical treatment changes, and other strategies for patient and physician engagement. Faced with an immediate need to reach out to a patient cohort? Use Roji Populations to implement a criteria-based patient registry to export to your own EHR for patient outreach, or use Roji’s population health functionality. Our focus is on helping you achieve your goals, not complicating your steps.

We collaborate with you to design the best path to fit your needs and culture.

  • Roji Registry technology is visual and intuitive, guiding providers and organizational leaders to convert data into action and better results
  • Roji services are designed to promote a positive process of inquiry and development for providers, and to engage them in discovery of how to achieve better patient results

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