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Founded as ICLOPS in 2002, Roji Health Intelligence was created with a vision of harnessing clinical and financial data to serve both physician and patient in a shared search for optimum patient health and outcomes. Our technology and customized services have become essential tools for any organization that hopes to survive and thrive in the highly competitive, results-driven, Value-Based Care marketplace. Roji Health Intelligence is one of the first registries to create infrastructure for clinical integration and quality reporting based on aggregate data from disparate sources, while maintaining a strong focus on how physicians engage in data and process.

We are a growing, fast-paced tech company seeking people who want to develop their skills and contribute to improving health care in today’s rapidly evolving market. Roji Health Intelligence team members are creative, collaborative and determined problem solvers. If you are a high-energy, skilled individual who wants to grow professionally and contribute to a team effort, Roji Health Intelligence offers challenge and opportunity.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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