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You may be in a specialty care practice or organization that currently has no model for Risk – and may never have one. Or, you might be serving patient populations with much higher needs, for which existing Alternative Payment Models are not appropriate. But Value-Based Care provides no exit for providers remaining in fee-for-service reimbursement.

Quality reporting, for example, will remain essential for specialty groups and organizations.  Under the new MIPS Value Pathways, it will become harder for specialists to undertake because they will need to have measures that are relevant to them, rather than reporting through a multi-specialty group. As an authorized Registry, Roji helps groups succeed in all reporting methods and avoid the steep penalties for not reporting. Take advantage of the 150+ measures not available through your EHR for reporting.

While your path may not be an ACO or other APM, you may depend on these providers for referrals. Take advantage of Roji Technology to aggregate your data and create procedural or condition-based episodes to examine variation in costs and outcomes.  You can demonstrate your improvement in patient outcomes and generate savings through the same methods that ACOs are using for their primary care patients.

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