Roji Registry Technology Platform

The Roji Registry, our technology platform for Roji Health Intelligence Solutions, is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS). It is a robust, patient-centric database with built-in Applications for visualizing outcomes and patients that enables you to see the most current performance. Interactive Applications engage the user in reviewing and responding to results, and promote team collaboration on projects to improve patient health.

Easy for leadership, centralized staff and providers to use, the Roji Registry is clearly organized and accessible from any location via the Internet. Our technology platform integrates data from disparate sources, including patient demographic, transactional and clinical data.

You may select from two levels of technology power and scope that link to Solutions to achieve your Goals. You can activate Registry capability, as needed, to accomplish each step:

Roji Health Intelligence Clinical Data Registry (CDR)

Our most advanced Roji Registry Platform, powering Solutions for providers committed to a path to excellence and Risk readiness. The CDR is Qualified by Medicare for its Value-Based Health Programs (QCDR).

Roji Health Intelligence Registry

Our economical solution to meeting basic MACRA MIPS requirements, while providing the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art reporting capability. The Roji Health Intelligence Registry supports measurement and reporting for all specialties and all available measures, whether you report individually or as a group.

The Roji Registry has the flexibility, breadth and scale to help you achieve all the steps on the path to your goals.

  • ONC-certified to collect and transform data into required data submissions for Medicare and other entities, and to enable reporting on the MACRA MIPS “Advancing Care Information” Measures. Available to clients purchasing the Roji Health Intelligence CDR for QCDR services under MACRA MIPS;
  • Customized to client service offerings, with premium Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) services and basic Registry Reporting for meeting minimum requirements of Medicare;
  • Backed by comprehensive patient source data that can be integrated with claims and other data for full determination of patient visit and referral patterns;
  • Separately tracks quality measure results to meet client contracting efforts and Value-Based Health Care Programs: Medicare, Medicaid, HEDIS, ACO, Roji QCDR, individual health plan, and custom client measures; Roji Registry supports all specialists and all quality measures;
  • Helps providers improve performance with creative strategic and operational initiatives and tracks the results by patient and population, with both outcomes and costs;
  • Groups patients by conditions, procedures, outcomes, quality measures, episodes, risk, and any other category supported by data.

The Roji Registry gives you the tools, power and comprehensive support team to improve outcomes and performance.

Take the first step to build your path to success.

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