The Roji Clinical Data Registry Platform

The Roji Clinical Data Registry is a premier analytics, patient registry, and solutions platform for Value-Based Health Care, provided as Software as a Service (SaaS). Navigate Roji Health Intelligence services in Quality, Data, Episodes, and Improvements through easy, interactive applications that will engage you in your results and promote team collaboration on initiatives to improve performance.

Easy for leadership, centralized staff, and providers to use, the Roji Clinical Data Registry is clearly organized and securely accessed from any location via the Internet. Our technology platform integrates data from disparate sources, including patient demographic, transactional, and clinical data. We also incorporate data on social determinants of health for the purpose of measuring equity-related outcomes.

The Roji Clinical Data Registry has the flexibility, breadth, and scale to help you achieve all the steps on the path to your goals.

  • Use ONC-certified technology to collect and transform data from your EHR into data needed for quality reporting and programs to improve cost performance and outcomes under Risk.
  • Get quick access to your high level performance results for Quality, Episode Costs, Data Status, and Improvements in Roji’s Dashboard application.
  • Populate your solutions with comprehensive patient source data and integrate with claims for a full view of patients’ health services.
  • Seamlessly navigate from Value performance specifics in Quality and Episodes to establishing Value-based initiatives in Improvements.
  • Track and meet your quality reporting requirements, and achieve enhanced incentives by broadening your measure opportunities.
  • Create and download patient population cohorts for population health and treatment initiatives.

The Roji Clinical Data Registry gives you the tools, power, and comprehensive support team to support your efforts in Value-Based Care.

Take the first step to build your path to success.

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