Achieve Top Value Under Risk & Grow with Financial Success

If risk-based Value payment models are your goal, failure is not an option. Whether your path is an ACO, a medical group model, or participation in a specialty care model, your target is highly efficient, connected, and effective care.

Roji Health Intelligence helps you make your Risk program both successful and economical. Our commitment is to ensure that you have the strength of data, the right vision of your results, and the power to navigate to your goals. Tailored to your program, our services include:

  • Roji Clinical Data Registry, a centralized platform that serves as your data and analytics hub for outcomes and cost performance analytics, patient registries, quality reporting, and executing interventions and population health;
  • Data Aggregation using Roji Data Services, including both claims and provider data, creating the analytics foundation to examine costs and outcomes;
  • Optimized specialty and chronic disease costs with Roji Episodes;
  • Highest outcomes and reported results with Roji Quality;
  • Criteria-based patient registries to fuel Roji or external Population Health tools;
  • Flexible tools for Population Health, physician engagement, and improving cost performance and outcomes.

If you are participating in Medicare Advantage or in a Risk program directed by others, we can help your medical group or network achieve success.

ACOs and Provider Networks Need a Platform Focused on Value

  • Bring together your providers to help them meet goals, launch initiatives, and achieve results with the Roji Clinical Data Registry. Fed by data from claims and collected from provider systems, our technology platform enables you to move forward in unison.
  • Drill down to essential details. Give physicians and practices their own practice views, showing how their results compare with benchmarks.
  • Easily capture data from provider EHRs with Roji Data Services and integrate with Medicare claims, to enrich your view of costs and outcomes with the most comprehensive information. Then populate patient risk registries and Roji Episodes to generate activities that will help your organization to improve.

A Sustainable Risk Program Also Has Distinct Steps to Success

All the challenges that go with implementing Value-Based Purchasing initiatives  apply to an ACO. But these steps take on new and distinct features if your organization has downside risk. Roji Health Intelligence also provides these ACO-focused steps to help you address specific concerns. Among them:

  • Create central understanding of performance, by sharing analytics on costs with all participating providers. Roji’s Tableau analytics provide key industry benchmarks on total costs per patient per month (PPPM) or per year (PPPY). Roji Episodes identify variances in the cost of care.
  • Estimate the unique risks of the patient population. Creating patient risk registries for your coordination and case management efforts is an essential task. Roji Health Intelligence works with you to evaluate the quality of data. We work with your network providers to ensure that data quality is sufficient to predict risk, improve performance, and resolve health inequities.
  • Track quality performance throughout the year, not just at reporting time. You can complete ACO reporting using a CMS portal and a patient sample, but it won’t help you meet your overarching cost and quality goals. Operating under Risk means taking accountability for all patients and understanding their needs throughout the year. We customize Roji Registry applications to give you full information on your Medicare-attributed patients and their gaps in care and outcomes.
  • Know your ACO or APM costs and patients. Understanding out-of-network services is essential to meeting your goals. Roji Health Intelligence provides the central command post for your ACO cost and quality. We analyze your patient flow and help you chart the path to those patients to determine what they need.
  • Develop a strong, high-performing specialty network. Evaluate cost, quality, and volume criteria with respect to needed specialty services and specialists in your existing or proposed network using Roji Episodes. Roji Health Intelligence gives you essential information to support the inclusion of key physicians in your Risk program. Engage specialists on the path to better results through Physician Data Learning. Using group and historical Medicare data, we help you build a physician team that works in concert with your objectives.
  • Conduct cost and quality interventions and measure effectiveness. Roji Improvement applications enable you to test the effectiveness of your interventions, so that your performance improvement initiatives have calculated benefits. Resources are scarce. We give you the capability to audit programs to determine the benefit of ongoing effort.

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