Implement APMs or Specialty Care Models

Under 2022 proposed CMS rules, new ACOs will have support to take root and may remain without downside risk for several annual cycles. Roji Health Intelligence provides the guidance and infrastructure to get started economically on the ACO Path.

If your path to an APM is determined by specialty and a desire to participate in specialty or condition-specific initiatives, Roji Health Intelligence helps you meet quality measures and address outcomes and cost performance in these and other CMS Innovation Center APMs.

Whether you are pursuing the new Enhancing Oncology Care Model, Kidney Care Choices, or other chronic or specialty models, Roji helps you progress toward your goal with modular and customized goals. We aggregate your data, create the quality performance system with Model quality measures, and provide Episodes of Care to compare patient experiences, outcomes, and costs. These provide the basis for evaluating patient events and structuring choices for clinician review with patients through clinical interventions in Roji Improve.

No matter where you’re starting, Roji Health Intelligence has the flexibility and expertise to help you progress toward your goal with solutions that are modular and customized, using these key strategies:

  • Aggregate data for your medical group and integrate with claims, using Roji Data Services.
  • Upgrade your Medicare quality performance and achieve incentives for all contracted payers, with Roji Quality extensive registry reporting options.
  • Use Roji Episodes to compare outcomes and cost variations in key conditions and procedures, and optimize your specialty services and referral network.
  • Take action to reach out to patients and test interventions with Roji Improve and its population registries and project capabilities.

Take the first step to build your path to success.

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