Thomas Dent, M.D.

President and Medical Director, Co-Founder

Tom champions physician involvement in quality data and giving physicians a voice in the health care marketplace. A family physician who created and led Family Medicine residency programs, Tom has collaborated in both community hospitals and academic medical centers, and developed two physician organizations. An expert on using data registries to improve physician quality and patient outcomes, he speaks nationally at forums and conferences. Tom maintains his board certification in Family Medicine. He considers his biggest success as a practicing physician to be effective communication with patients that prompts lifestyle changes and improves outcomes.

Theresa Hush

CEO, Co-Founder

Terry is a health care strategist and change expert with experience across the health care spectrum. Her many accomplishments in the public, non-profit and private sectors include leading the transformation of Blue Cross Blue Shield regulations in Illinois, improving access to care as Director of the Illinois Medicaid program, and serving in executive leadership for both private payers and physician organizations. An expert at creating consensus for desired change through education and collaboration, Terry helps organizations take actions that will direct their future through meaningful technology and programs.

Robert McNutt, M.D.

Director of Outcomes Research and Strategy

Bob joined Roji Health Intelligence in 2013, bringing an extensive background in decision analysis, clinical epidemiology, health policy and medical journalism. A private oncologist for both adults and children, Bob most recently served as Director of Patient Safety Research at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. He is a former fellow at the National Library of Medicine, studied at Tufts New England Medical Center and Harvard School of Pubic Health, and earned his medical degree and hematology/oncology fellowship from Michigan State University. Previously an Associate Editor at the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Bob is also an author. His most recent book is Your Health, Your Decisions: How to Work with Your Doctor to Become a Knowledge-Powered Patient.

George Hernandez

Chief of Applications

George has led the creation of technology solutions for the company since its founding in 2002. Valuing communication that is prioritized, accurate and simple, George strives to develop elegant applications that are powerful, reliable and beautiful in appearance, while easy to manage and use. An engineering graduate of the University of Illinois, he has experience with a wide range of IT systems in diverse fields, from airline ticketing to martial arts. Among his many skills, George is an HL7 Certified HL7 CDA Specialist.

Phillip Lavin

Senior Data Architect

Phil has steered key database development for the Roji Registry since he joined the company in 2006. Prior to joining Roji Health Intelligence (then ICLOPS), Phil spent nearly two decades at Hewlett-Packard, where, among other projects, he overcame many technical challenges to convert a proprietary legacy database system to the Microsoft SQL Server platform. While at HP, he also designed and developed applications for Internet security, database administration and end-user reporting. In addition to his extensive knowledge of database architecture, Phil has the exceptional ability to bridge the gap between non-technical end users and the tech community. He is also a certified Version 2.7 Control Specialist.

Dave Halpert

Chief of Client Team

Dave draws on experience in the classroom to educate physicians and organizations how to implement quality programs in order to maximize benefits for patients. Prior to joining Roji Health Intelligence in 2006, he taught economics and history, having earned his Master of Education, with a concentration in curriculum and instruction, from Loyola University Chicago. His background in curriculum development is a great asset as Roji Health Intelligence creates and implements projects designed to improve the quality of health care.

Jackie Walton

Chief of Operations

Jackie spent 12 years in health plan operations at two of Chicago’s leading Medicaid HMOs, where she oversaw marketing, provider network relations and business development. At Roji Health Intelligence, Jackie is Terry’s “right hand.” She keeps all the top priority projects in motion, and coordinates activities to meet client needs and Roji Health Intelligence priorities. Jackie’s collaborative skills and enthusiasm contribute to creativity and innovation, helping to achieve provider goals through a shared vision and teamwork.