Roji Clinical Data Registry Applications Supporting Our Solutions

The Roji Clinical Data Registry is an integrated suite of Applications to visualize and interact with our Solutions. As the technology platform for all data-driven Roji Health Intelligence Solutions, the Roji Clinical Data Registry fulfills the need to see both aggregate organizational results and patient-centered detail.

Roji Dashboard

Upon login, you can observe key performance indicators on the Roji Dashboard, linked to your role-based access to data. A menu is also available to immediately access the four service areas and functionalities within those service areas.

Roji Solutions Applications

  • Roji Data Services applications give status of data currency and integrity, and provide volume-related reports for each individual data source.
  • Roji Quality Services includes applications for analytics and measures tied to quality reporting for MIPS and other programs you have implemented, and related functionalities. Roji Measures is the robust application to track process and outcomes through the use of specialty-based Measures. Roji Health Intelligence uses MIPS, ACO, Primary Care First, APM, HEDIS, Health Plan, and CMS Innovation Center measures for specialty care models to evaluate health status and services according to standards.
  • Roji Episodes applications provide essential analytics for high volume procedures and conditions, as well as illuminating information about typical problem areas that merit attention, such as emergency room use and behavioral health. In Roji Episodes, you can see high level analytics on cost drivers and then dig into individual episodes to examine cases. The Roji Episodes registry attached to each episode enables you to validate details to ensure the data is accurate.
  • Roji Improvements empower you to use criteria-based risk registries in Roji Populations to perform patient outreach, or to use in other improvement initiatives, which are applications that Roji has customized to your needs. Roji Improvements populations registries can be exported for your use in other provider software you may use. Roji Improvements is also a hub for your initiatives. Develop projects based on results you see from Roji Episodes or quality issues in Roji Quality, and then track results of clinical and administrative interventions in the Roji Improvements environment.

Roji Client Administrative Applications

Roji Health Intelligence Solutions include administrative applications that add robustness to all Solutions:

  • Roji Insight CRM houses your organizational structure and participation status of providers. You control the access of both providers and administrators to the Roji Clinical Data Registry, including other administrative applications such as technology ticketing, secure messaging, and administrative controls.
  • Roji Secure Messaging safely communicates protected information between providers or administrators, and also between the Roji Client Team and client staff or providers.

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