How Roji Health Intelligence Began

We founded Roji Health Intelligence in 2002, based on our experience across the spectrum of health care. We knew that the efforts of earlier decades did little to stem rising costs. There was an emerging trend among purchasers to foster payment models based on accountable care and performance, but our experience also told us that providers lacked the information necessary to achieve accountability.

A Vision to Improve Health Status

We committed to forging the path to Value by aggregating practice and clinical data, then creating the analytical tools to illuminate gaps in care and patient outcomes and costs. With that vision, we founded our company called ICLOPS. We brought in George Hernandez and other technical experts as partners. Our company quickly outgrew our basement office space. As our client base expanded, we broke ground in EHR and provider system data capture, at a time when interoperability and data sharing was new territory.

One of the First Medicare-Approved Data Registries

Beginning with technology that used practice data to reconnect with chronically ill patients and bring them back to the exam room to address outcomes, the team refined and evolved data extraction capability. By 2004, we had created the first ICLOPS Registry. In fall of that year, when Medicare commissioned the AMA to develop Category II Procedure Codes, we were ready and quickly able to adapt pre-existing customized codes to the new system.

More milestones followed. By 2006, the company had signed its first two networks for Clinical Integration Services. The following year, we released our new, fully functioning, patient-centric Registry, including performance measurement for PQRI (later called PQRS) and Clinical Integration, with input capability for quality data. In January 2008, Medicare approved the company as one of the first 12 Registries to report for PQRI.

In the next years ICLOPS became known for the depth of our Registry as well as our development of tools for controlling costs and reporting quality. In 2011, the company introduced population health and performance improvement technology, and gave clients their first look at cost data. We began broadening our client base to include larger networks and ACOs.

Nimble, Foresighted, and Focused on Bringing Value to You

In 2017, we renamed our company Roji Health Intelligence, to better express our resolution to guide the path to better health care through data-driven insights. As Value-Based Care has continued to involve new payment models and Risk, we saw that health systems’ and physicians’ missions were being eroded by administrative and business responsibilities, and that Value-Based models were placing excessive focus on costs and payment systems without connecting them to clinical care or outcomes. So we set out to help fix that.

We never wanted to be a big company, or do everything. Our dedicated team anticipates trends, focuses on what’s now, and pivots to what’s needed. To that end, we’ve created Solutions to help providers develop clinically-focused interventions to improve cost performance and outcomes. Our best work involves lifting your burden to mine data or to build your own infrastructure for Value-Based Care, so that you can focus on what you do best—providing high quality, cost-effective clinical care.

We are committed to providing flexible technology and expert consultations to create positive and realistic approaches to improving health care performance.

Theresa Hush, CEO   |   Thomas Dent, MD, President & Medical Director

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