A Guided Path

In a Japanese garden, the Roji (RO-gee) is a structured path to the teahouse—a place of health, physical and spiritual nourishment, and peace. Natural and man-made guideposts along the Roji help walkers to navigate the way to their goal.

Roji Health Intelligence provides a guided path to better health care and healing. Founded as ICLOPS in 2002, we have changed our name to reflect our commitment to helping you navigate the significant challenges on the path to improved patient outcomes and cost-effective care. Our team of industry experts provides the technology and services that create a positive, rigorous and effective approach to improving health care for providers and patients.

At Roji Health Intelligence, we believe in your ability to improve patient health for the right cost. It’s not just good business. It’s the right thing to do.

Take the first step to build your path to success.

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