Roji Improvements: Take Action to Improve Outcomes and Cost Performance

Roji Improvements is your operations center for customized initiatives and interventions to improve outcomes and cost performance. We help you get started with insights from Roji Episodes and analytics, then help you tailor initiatives to your environment. For example, Roji Improvements can help you begin sharing results with physicians on episodes, so they can examine sample cases along the cost curve. We also have ready-built tools for clients to generate patient outreach as a result of clinical events, or for organizing campaigns.

The initiatives in your Roji Improvements center start with patient registries based on Risk, outreach campaigns, or clinical events. We populate basic chronic condition and risk registries for you, and also customize additional registries upon request.

Roji Improvements is a learning ground for clinicians and administrators seeking solutions for difficult or high-risk populations, as well as a method of creating an iterative, progressive method of helping groups of patients do better. Roji Improvements also involve physicians in improvement strategies that begin with patient population data and benchmarking.

  • Roji Populations. Populations are criteria-based clinical registries of patients. Work with Roji experts to establish patient cohorts for your initiatives, exporting them or using the Roji population health functionality.
    • Implement basic patient outreach or
    • Initiate population health initiatives as well as improvement programs on specific patient populations.
    • Work with Roji to establish a targeted population and test alternative interventions to improve cost or outcomes.
  • Roji ACO or Medical Group Patient Registry is distinctly valuable to ACOs because history of the patient may be unknown.
    • Match the patient with provider data to verify who the patient has seen.
    • Centralize viewing of risk status data, utilization, and ACO interventions or programs in which the patient is enrolled.
  • Roji Improvements include customized projects and interventions to improve outcomes, costs, or both.
    • Create advanced projects to evaluate differences in treatment regimens.
    • Jumpstart engagement strategies with physicians and patients.
    • Test competing intervention ideas before a rollout.
  • Roji Improvement Activity and Interoperability Attestations enable you to report these components of the MIPS program while conducting activities outside the Roji Clinical Data Registry.

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