How to Achieve ACO Cost Savings

An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is an opportunity to create a new approach to health care, but many providers are not prepared for the face-off with financial risk. Without a clear path to breaking even—or better, a return on their investment—provider organizations are wary of how to invent and operate an ACO while remaining fiscally sound.

Whether you are a provider who understands that you will need to embrace ACO models in the future, or you have already developed or joined an ACO and found savings to have been elusive, rest assured. We believe the ACO represents an opportunity to create a better and more rational model of health care, but that achievement demands innovative strategies.

In this 30-page free eBook, Roji Health Intelligence experts explore creative approaches to help providers unify quality and cost initiatives, and to fulfill patient desires for more information and participation in decision making.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How Reluctant Providers Can Benefit from a Fresh Approach to ACOs
  • Four ACO Development Decisions That Will Impact Return on Investment
  • How to Optimize Your Physician Network for Patient Choice
  • What It Takes for Provider-Led ACOs and AAPMs to Deliver Health Care Transformation
  • Strategies to Unify ACO Quality and Cost Initiatives to Boost Long-term Results
  • Why ACOs Must Create Learning Environment for Physicians to Be Partners in Change
  • What You Should Know About Shared Decision-Making as the Next Consumer Health Movement

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