Redesigning Health Care for the New Consumer

At the core of the red-hot health care “reform” debate is this question: How can consumers retain access to health care amidst dramatically rising costs?  Government and business, which have financed most health care coverage for years, want to end unlimited funding. Both Value-Based Health Care and efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act reflect different efforts to constrain costs for government and business. 

These policy shifts also increase the share of expenses paid by consumers. Whether by loss of coverage or benefit plan redesign, consumers will be paying more of the health care dollar. In this 65 page eBook, Roji Health Intelligence experts explore the shared path for providers and consumers under Value-Based Health Care, to help you prepare for the challenges ahead.

Here is just a sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • The Real Meaning of Patient Empowerment
  • How to Turn Patients into Healthcare Consumers — For Economic Survival
  • Why Patients Should Own Their Own Medical Records
  • 12 Questions for Consumers to Ask When Choosing a Doctor
  • Why Healthcare Price Transparency for Consumers Starts with Provider Action
  • How Healthcare Providers Should Use Performance Data Audits To Market Trust
  • Why Bundled Payments Are a Win-Win For Specialists and Healthcare Consumers
  • The Most Significant Ethical Dilemma for Primary Care Physicians

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