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Know Your Risk Under VBPM: Your Medicare Revenues Are at Stake

By September 8, 2015 No Comments

runners-1176564-638x428Although Medicare has been increasing the pressure on providers to prepare for value-based health care, we still encounter many providers who are unaware or confused. Big clue: we see all too many large provider organizations that are developing RFPs for PQRS reporting without also including an evaluation of their risk under the Value-Based Payment Modifier (VBPM).

If you are unaware that successful PQRS reporting in 2015 can still result in an even greater performance penalty under the VBPM, up to 4 percent of your 2017 revenues, this post is for you.

The VBPM is a calculation by Medicare that compares your performance against other providers, and tiers you as better, neutral or worse. If you are worse and your group has 10 or more eligible providers, you will get a 4 percent penalty; for fewer than 10 eligible providers, you will receive a 2 percent penalty⎯and this is not negotiable.

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